Targeted optimization for strength and runability

Benefit from our patent-pending technology to meet the ever increasing demands in the paper production industry. Our products guarantee you the following:

  • Increased dry strength
  • Fewer breaks
  • Higher speeds
  • Increased filler content for graphic paper
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More Information about "Dry Strengths Products"

inside ACAT 27/2018
BondStar® – ACAT Dry Strength Technology

For decades, dry strength agents have been known in paper industry and literature. They can be both natural and synthetic products.

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inside ACAT 20/2015
BondStar® 289L: Increase of Fillers in Fine Paper

In recent years, the cost pressure on fine paper has resulted in constant search for a suitable replacement of the expensive fibers.

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inside ACAT 11/2010
BONDSTAR® – a Way for an Efficient Treatment of Impurities

Due to the ongoing closure of the water circuits in paper production and to the increasing amounts of waste paper there is an accumulation of so-called impurities.

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inside ACAT 18/2013
BondStar® Experiences

The BondStar® range is a market leading new technology which provides a major business opportunity to customers.

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inside ACAT 16/2012

ACAT enriches the BondStar®-series with a further innovative development of known technologies






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inside ACAT 15/2012
Synthetic Dry Strength Agent- BONDSTAR®

We are increasingly being faced with the question of dry-strength or higher filler loadings without loss of strength in graphic papers. This question and our experiences in the field of dry strength agents have motivated us to revisit this issue.

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