Acat Papertech Bentonite 11393928201.5294 Acat Papertech Bentonite 31393928201.6622 Acat Papertech Bentonite 41393928201.7872 Acat Papertech Bentonite 21446565865.9676

Highly effective and suitable for a variety of applications

Choose from a wide range of bentonites for all applications. We gladly help you with the specific selection through laboratory testing and our unique method of analysis, the ACAT Pitch Counter (APC).

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inside ACAT 8/2008
BENTONITE – A Versatile Natural Product

We would like to introduce to you to a natural resource, which is used by modifications in many working and living areas. Let us take this path together that started about 14 million years ago.

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inside ACAT 11/2010
HIGH TECH COMPETENCE FOR HIGH TECH PAPER AND FIBER PRODUCTS: The Institute for Paper, Pulp and Fiber Technology at Graz University of Technology

Since its foundation in 1947 the Institute for Paper, Pulp and Fiber Technology (IPZ) at the Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) is the the only academic institution in the area of paper technology in Austria representing this field in the area of university education and academic research. With its staff of 23 people the institute also offers high quality services in the field of paper and pulp testing and in the calibration of testing instruments.

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