We have an "open ear" for special requests

If you need products for specific applications in addition to our standard program, then you also have come to the right place. We offer an extensive range of products excellent for use in all areas of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment as well as paper and cardboard production.

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More Information about "Specialty Products"

inside ACAT 20/2015
Successful Dye Trials in South Africa

Stock dyeing, or internal dyeing in packaging grades is one of the biggest challenges that face papermakers today. Paper machines differ in the chemistry of the wet end.

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inside ACAT 19/2014
DE-LINTING with SizeStar® 300 L

SizeStar® products are a range of innovative, multifunctional chemicals develop to improve printability through a number of different mechanisms – improving internal and surface bond strength to reduce fiber lift and controlling hydrophobicity to increase resistance to penetration.

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inside ACAT 19/2014
Our new Partner Robama

Robama is a leading manufacturing Company producing dyestuffs, optical brighteners and auxiliaries for the paper, textile and leather industries.

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inside ACAT 5/2007
Biocides, Slime and Paper - Microbiological Deposits in Paper Machine Circuits

Due to the specific chemical and physical conditions in paper machine circuitsdepending on raw materials, process control and products, more or less microbial growth is favoured.

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inside ACAT 16/2012
Anti Linting

Offset linting of Newsprint and Uncoated mechanical papers has been an ongoing quality issue for many years. With the increased use of recycled deinked fibre and increased printing speeds, the issue can have a major effect on press runnability and print quality.

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