Large variety of organic and inorganic coagulants and fixatives

When it comes to detecting, monitoring, and treating stickies, resin, and white pitch deposits, we support you with our specially developed analysis method ACAT Pitch Counter (APC). We also offer a wide range of effective products for:

  • Stickies reduction in systems containing recovered paper
  • Resin control in wood-containing systems and pulp mills
  • White pitch treatment in painted scrap and waste, paint shop wastewater
  • Circuit water cleaning, sizing agent, COD reduction, sludge preconditioning
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More Information about "Fixing Agents and Coagulants"

inside ACAT 9/2009
DEPOSIT CONTROL – Fixatives in practical application

A Russian board machine had experienced increasing problems with deposits in the wire section. With conventional methods the origin was not detectable. Therefore, only by experiments a solution could be achieved The application engineers of the ACAT paper technology were able to identify the origin of these deposits by extensive laboratory experiments and to recommend a practical solution.

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inside ACAT 6/2007
Application of Fixing Agents - A Wide Range of Possibilities at a Glance

In recent years, Applied Chemicals has gained comprehensive expertise in the application of fixing agents. Besides all necessary laboratory tests a wide range of products is available. Here you will find a brief overview on the possibilities of the use and the efficacy of products.

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inside ACAT 15/2012
ACAT PITCH COUNTER (APC) - Selection and Optimisation of Fixing Agents

With the ACAT Pitch Counter (APC) the optimal dosage and dosing points can be selected. This method can be deployed easily in paper mills, so plant tests can be accompanied perfectly.

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