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We have an extensive range of products for you that can be used in all areas of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment:

  • Biochemical products to support and enhance biological wastewater treatments
  • Adsorbents for purifying industrial waste waters, alone or in combination with flocculants
  • Flotation aid for better separation of particles or solids
  • Products for cooling, boiler, and condensate systems
  • Scale inhibitors to prevent or remove deposits in pipes
  • Highly effective cleaning agents for industrial use
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inside ACAT 4/2006
Pioneering and Energy Efficient – ACAT Steam and Boiler Water Treatment

Paul Hartmann AG, a company with a glorious past, can continue to look to the future with confidence   with the ACAT treatment program for the conditioning of boiler water systems. By using a procedure that does not leave deposits, ACAT was able to achieve considerable savings in energy and maintenance costs.

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