Unsurpassed efficiency

Worldwide, our technologies are the most purchased solutions for solar sludge drying. Compared to purely mechanical dewatering, solar sludge drying makes it possible to reduce sludge volume by up to 80%, thus reducing your waste disposal costs significantly.

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inside ACAT 15/2012
From Wet Sludge to Fuel

A new economic procedure for continuous dewatering and solar drying in small sewage treatment plants: SpeicherTrocknerTM





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inside ACAT 9/2009
WITH THE POWER OF THE SUN: The Sewage Sludge of Mallorca is dried in the World's largest Solar Sludge Drying Plant

The world's largest solar sludge drying plant was built by our partner, the market leader THERMO-SYSTEM in Palma de Mallorca. Contracting entity and operator was the disposer TIRME SA, who also operates a waste incineration plant on site, where the dried sewage sludge is incinerated.

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inside ACAT 11/2010
Now they are burrowing also in Western Switzerland, ‚ELEKTRIC MOLES™’ ARE AT HOME IN PORRENTRUY

Finally the time has come: Barnabé, Manu und Yvonne, are the 3 ELEKTRIC MOLES™  which merrily burrow their way through the sludge at the group sewage plant Porrentruy (Jura canton).

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