MAP - Process for Separation of Magnesium-Ammonium-Sulphate

In municipal WWTP using digestion, crystallization can often lead to a blocking of pipes and dewatering units. By using a special patented ACAT process the Struvit crystals can be separated. The sludge properties are dramatically improved.

Further advantages are:

• Massive reduction of the amount of precipitant and flocculent

• Increase in sludge dry content, consequently: significant reduction in disposal costs

• Increase in the throughput of sludge in sludge dewatering


inside ACAT 29/2020
PHOSPHORUS RECYCLING: The Future Has Already Begun!

No life without phosphorus. Especially agriculture needs phosphorus as fertilizer. But the worldwide phosphorus reserves are limited. The recovery from sewage sludge would be the solution to the dilemma. There are already processes for this. The future has already begun. ACAT makes a contribution to it!

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inside ACAT 26/2018
MAP-STAR: ACAT Produces Struvite

The problem with struvite in sewage sludge treatment could be sustainably solved with the new, patented MAP system developed by ACAT and AWV WNS together with the Vienna University of Technology.

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