Odor control and prevention of corrosion

Whether canal system, pump station, landfill, sewage or chemical operation and for any kind of odor - no matter how strong and regardless of the intended application location - we have the right system for you.

- Mixed mist system - the finest atomization of essential oils
- Dosing of calcium and iron nitrates to maintain aerobic culture in canal systems
- Microbiological systems

Uniquely effective in a natural way
Our proven ECOSORB® product lines are global leaders in terms of their above-average effectiveness. All products are biodegradable, so you can exclude toxic side effects from the outset.

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inside ACAT 29/2020

Applied Chemicals International group (ACAT) is the official partner of OMI in Europe for industrial applications. OMI is the world leader in plant oil odour control technology and it has more than 30 years of experience in this field. Its products are safe, natural and effective.

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inside ACAT 27/2018

It is well known that Ecosorb® eliminates odours very well - and it works always reliable. In contrast to this, the application situations at customer sites are very different. Often, the question arises: How do I spray Ecosorb® and does the entire surrounding get wet?

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inside ACAT 24/2017
THANKS TO VPS AND ECOSORB®: Good bye odour nuisance!

At Wollsdorf leather, quality has a long tradition. Brands of distinction swear by Wollsdorf products. Concerning odour control the future has already begun in the tannery in the Styrian Unterfladnitz. Thanks to VPS systems and Ecosorb®, unpleasant odours vanish into thin air!


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inside ACAT 22/2016
NO MORE ODOR AT Malta Waste Water Plant

WATER SERVICE CORPORATION inaugurated Ta’ Barkat sewage treatment plant in June 2011 to eliminate marine pollution in Malta. This plant can treat about 60.000 cubic meters of domestic sewage per day, which is around 80% of all wastewater in Malta.

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inside ACAT 18/2013
Eine ECOSORB® Spraying System at the Hazardous Waste Landfill Kölliken

At the new hazardous waste landfill Kölliken, Switzerland Ecosorb® 606 ensures fresh and odorless air.

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Ecosorb606_die beste Lösung
inside ACAT 17/2013
Ecosorb® 606: The best Solution to Odor Control: Waste Water Plant Application

Sewage and industrial plants, which are located near residential areas, can be subject to political and legal problems, if these facilities produce unpleasant odors. In the case of a sewage plant and the associated collection system, ECOSORB® 606 is used to control odors.

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Ecosorb Dosage systems
inside ACAT 14/2011
Ecosorb® Dosage Systems

HPS and VPS: Two New Odourkillers

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inside ACAT 12/2010
Product Name: ECOSORB®606

Case History Bitumen Odour Treatment - Application: Asphalt Mixing Plant in Italy

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inside ACAT 10/2009
ECOSORB ® "TURBOFAN" eliminates Waste Odour with high Pressure

To minimize odour nuisance for local residents a method was needed to eliminate odours directly at the source of formation.

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inside ACAT 8/2008
If there is "the scent of cheese" in the air: The ECOSORB ® odour killer - an opportunity for dairies

Problems are inevitable when industrial facilities and residential areas are located closely. In the case of dairy factories conflicts are usually caused by odour. But ACAT is able to offer a solution: With Ecosorb ® 606 even "strong odour" is transformed into fresh air, in the full sense of the word!

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inside ACAT 8/2008
ECOSORB® GEL-BOX - The high-speed-solution for all cases

ACAT always strives to find innovative solutions. Now the company offers an easy to use odour control system: the ECOSORB™ GELBOX.

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inside ACAT 5/2007
„Odour killer“ Anaerite 263 FC - reduces also concrete-corrosion

Encouraging result after one year of trial operation at the WWTP Grossenzersdorf: Anaerite 263 FC delivered by ACAT does not only keep sewer systems odour-free, but the iron nitrate solution also prevents concrete corrosion.

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inside ACAT 1/2005
Odour Control - a comprehensive Concept!

The ACAT odour control program offers solutions for all kinds of odour problems. Due to an individual support and to a comprehensive delivery program an optimum solution is ensured for each individual application, and: thanks to modern technologies, the use of chemicals is extremely economical and functional.

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