Optimizing wastewater treatment, soil remediation and composting processes

BioStar® products can be used with a variety of contaminants in everyday operations, during fallow soil remediation and to improve composting processes as well as neutralizing odors.

  • Improving sludge properties
  • Degradation of specific and in part toxic substrates
  • Accelerating formation of biomass in biological wastewater treatment plants
  • Improving the cleaning performance in seasonally overloaded systems
  • Controlling filamentous bacteria   
  • Improving nitrification in plants with a low sludge age
  • Cleaning soil, degradation of hydrocarbons in refineries, reducing agricultural chemicals, and improving nitrification in landfill leachates




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inside ACAT 7/2008
BIOSTAR® -Keeping the Queen of England Happy!

The sewers beneath the streets of Windsor are prone to blockages that forced raw sewage above ground on several occasions last year, accord to Thames Water. Rachael Hobson of Thames Water said “Windsor’s sewers clog up frequently and we think that the unpleasant smell that hung around town owes much to the large amount of fat that has been entering these underground arteries. Around 80 percent of the fat that pours into our sewers comes from restaurants and takeaways”.

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