Inorganic fillers and organic / inorganic pigments and pigment preparations

We provide you with fillers and pigments of different types for a variety of applications, for example:

  • Mineral fibers
  • Calcium Carbonates
  • Kaolines
  • Mica
  • Phyllosilicates
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Organic / inorganic pigments and pigment preparations
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More Information about "Pigments and Fillers"

inside ACAT 29/2020

Functional pigments: Two series of newly developed formaldehyde-free daylight fluorescent pigments show that formaldehyde can be eliminated without compromise, both in solvent-based and in aqueous formulations. The new technologies outperform their formaldehyde-containing predecessors in all important properties, especially with regard to lightfastness and storage stability.

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inside ACAT 26/2018
REAL LITHOPONE BY VB TECHNO Is The Reinvented Solution For Partial TiO2 Replacement

Lithopone by VB Techno is a white pigment co-precipitated from solutions of zinc and barium salts.

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inside ACAT 25/2018
COLOURSTAR® – Colourants for a colourful world

Colours offer a variety of design possibilities and they beautify the world we live in. Our pigments, dyes and preparations in solid and liquid form offer the highest reliability and colour consistency in all application areas.

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inside ACAT 25/2017
LAPINUS – Intelligent fibre solutions

The mineral fibres of our partner Lapinus are made 100% of natural rocks. The results are high-precision special fibres, specially produced for the needs of our customers.






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inside ACAT 25/2017
MICROSPHERES – Lightweight, stable hollow spheres

In cooperation with EKO Export, one of the leading manufacturers of microspheres in Europe, we now offer a range of cenospheres. The application ranges from coatings and adhesives to lightweight construction materials.

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inside ACAT 25/2017

Lithopone and barium sulphate are now available as products of our new partner VB Techno. The long experience of VB Techno in the production, development and distribution of barium and zinc products guarantees our customers the highest quality of this white pigment.

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inside ACAT 25/2017

With the products of our supplier Imerys we make a range of mineral fillers available to our customers. The practical inorganic additives are suitable for a wide range of applications because of their functional properties and processing methods.

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inside ACAT 24/2017
SOCAL UP - The structure makes the difference - Effective titanium dioxide substitution with precipitated calcium carbonate

The requirements of a colour formulation determine to a large extent the selection of the raw materials. The focus is not only on optical and mechanical properties, but also on the overall cost of the formulation. The fillers are very important, they are not only simple gap fillers. Calcium carbonates are by far the most frequently used fillers. With a share of three quarters of the total consumption of fillers, calcium carbonates are the most important fillers.

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inside ACAT 17/2013
DIATOMACEOUS EARTH ‐ A Versatile Raw Material

The diatomaceous earth is a very old raw material that is so versatile that it is used in many sectors – from modern agriculture up to various industries. Maybe this substance, also known as kieselguhr, is the ideal substance for you!

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inside ACAT 6/2007
China Clay - A Raw Material for Everyday Products , a wide range of applications - Part 2

China clay is widely used as filler in paints, coatings and printing inks. Not only its high chemical resistance is required, but also the form and the charge distribution of the particles, because they have a positive impact on final products.

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inside ACAT 5/2007
China Clay - A Raw Material for Everyday Products , The Quarrying - Part 1

Many products of our daily life are associated with china clay. Certainly one thinks primarily of porcelain, the "white gold", the raw material for quality tableware and art products. But china clay is also used in many industries e.g. as filler in paper production, as pigments and brighteners in the plastics, paint and rubber industry.

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