For aqueous or partially solvent-based systems

We have a comprehensive range of defoamers and deaerators. Based on different chemical structures - such as natural vegetable fats, mineral oils, polysiloxanes, or polyoxyalkylene - our products are also suitable for aqueous systems and in some part also for solvent-based systems. They are preferably used in the paint, building material, and adhesive industry, but are also suitable for many other applications.

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inside ACAT 20/2015
Bio-based sustainable additives

Our supplier Münzing Chemie and Applied Chemicals feel the responsibility of contributing towards environmental protection and sustainable development. With the bio‐based additives of Münzing Chemie a variety of additives is available to meet these criteria.

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inside ACAT 19/2014
Powder Additives for dry mix mortars with rising demands

The requirements for mineral based mortars have been steadily increasing in the last decades. Without additives it is hardly possible to cope with these technical challenges. The content of additives in dry mixes normally ranges between 0.1 and 10%. Nevertheless these additives do have a crucial influence on the properties of the mortar.

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inside ACAT 4/2006
We help air to escape: ACAT employees help customers to select the most suitable defoamer

In the manufacture of their products Münzing Chemie – one of the most important producers of additives – combines tradition with innovation, top quality with ground-breaking findings and practical know-how. It is not always easy to find the right defoamer from the company’s wide range of products. The ACAT professionals assist in selecting the optimum product  - they test the products  for you!

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